A review of my poetry pamphlet, The Paradise Commissionaire (Rack Press, 2014), in the current Summer issue of the excellent Warwick Review. Emily Hasler writes:

"if you don't know Palmer's other books it should be clear enough here that he is also a novelist. Moments come complete with back stories and future plot lines, charged with dramatic irony so that in 'The Bomb in the Cafe' ... the male protagonist seems all the more vulnerable because he is described as "brisk, handsome, young". 'The Death of Likeness' is a lovely example of the powerful way Palmer's narrative control strengthens his poems... 'The Lost Music' encapsulates the bittersweet sensations on display in this collection: "A midnight feeling at midday;/a whisky afternoon".

The pamphlet can be ordered from rackpress.blogspot.com

THE ISLAND RESCUE (Melos Press, 2007)

The Island Rescue
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A collection of poems ranging from the personal and lyric to the politically committed that was awarded the First Collection Prize at the Listowel Writers' Week festival.

David Morley wrote:

“There is a kindness in William Palmer's poems: a generosity of perception, language and melody (read him aloud), but he is also generous in his poems' precision and economy. William Palmer's poetry never excludes readers but it does challenge them at the same time as it charms them. He is one of our most interesting poets, and his work in The Island Rescue is a complete delight.”


A collection of poems of place; how we change the rooms and landscapes in which we live, and how we are changed by them, whether our home, an anonymous hotel, a foreign city, or a wilderness.